"This project really began in 2010 but the first images didn't start to emerge until January 2012. The aim, to produce a photographic study of the place where I live and equally important, the story of it's residents. Very much a collaborative, community project, I envisaged a two-year time-frame that would bring me closer to my neighbours and hopefully record for the future, the here and now, trials and tribulations of living in Ireland at this time of great change and uncertainty about our future. However, the project has grown much greater than that as my relationship develops with the subject.
This is a work in progress and this space is created in an attempt to shape and contextualise the work to date."

Cornameeltha, Boyle, Co. Roscommon. Portrait of an Irish Townland and It's People. A social and psychological profile of an Irish rural community.

Tony Murphy is a fine art graduate who currently uses the lens to give form to his work. He is a lecturer in Art & Design Education and Digital Media at the NCAD in Dublin.

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19/52 Cornameeltha TMP_9504

Cornameeltha June 2013